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Our Guest Rooms


Wallingford Homestead is a historic country home that offers the perfect blend of elegance and intimacy. The homestead provides spacious bedrooms, and an abundance of private verandahs, courtyards and intimate spaces where you can enjoy your stay.


There are 14 bedrooms available, and the homestead can sleep up to 32 in family groups. In the summer there are also 2 day beds on the Nursery Verandah which are comfortable and sheltered.


For large groups bathrooms may be shared. For small groups, private bathrooms will be designated.


Room rates range from $85 per person per night to $280 per person per night.


Rates are dependent on the season, and how many rooms you book and the duration of your stay.


Please email us about specific rates for your group or Call 06-855-4701.

School Room Wing

Lady O’s Bedroom

This is a lovely, spacious room with a Super King bed and garden views onto the kitchen courtyard and back lawn. This room is the favourite of many.


Enjoy your mornings reading on a bench window seat looking out onto the back lawn’s 150 year old oak trees.

Sleeps 2


School Room

The largest bedroom in the homestead, the School Room is equipped with a king sized bed which may be split into two singles, as well as a fold out double bed that sleeps two.


For many years the room was used for schooling Ormond and local children. The room retains the library once used by the Governess for lessons, though the oak trees outside are now fully grown – like the students.

Sleeps 4

Old Office

A quaint room with queen bed, unique native timber paneling, and a door which opens onto the kitchen courtyard.


The room has a large wardrobe and has artifacts of early New Zealand history. It was once the office of the Honorable J.D. Ormond, long-time Cabinet Minister of Parliament and Superintendent of Hawkes Bay.


Please message us today or Call 06-855-4701 to book your group at Wallingford.

 Sleeps 2

Olivia’s Bedroom

A comfortable and spacious room with queen bed and garden views.


This was the favourite room of many of the women of Wallingford including television producer Olivia who currently lives in Auckland with her young family.

 Sleeps 2

Evie’s Bedroom

Evie’s room is a comfortable bedroom with queen bed. The room’s windows open onto the back verandah, with a view to the back lawn.


The room has a charm that puts guests at ease. The favourite room of litigator Evie Ormond, a long-time fan of the heated pool pavilion.

 Sleeps 2

Uncle Dave’s Bedroom

A very large room with a super king bed plus single if required.  The room opens onto the back veranda and lawn, and has a wonderful garden view.


The room was the favourite of Uncle Dave Ormond. Dave was a third generation Ormond, who ran the farm while his brother Sir John BEM traveled and worked for the Meat Producers Board and Shipping Corporation of New Zealand.


Call 06-855-4701 today to schedule your stay in Uncle Dave’s Room.

 Sleeps 3

Nursery Wing

Night Nursery

A very large room with a king bed and single bed. The room is private and quiet, opening onto the north facing verandah.


The Nursery Wing was for many years the wing dedicated to the resident children and their visiting cousins. There are 52 first cousins in the fourth generation of Ormonds.

Sleeps 3

Day Nursery

A spacious room with super king plus single bed. This room is an ideal choice if you wish to set up a work station at the dining table and chairs.


The room has a small library, a collection of children’s toys and cot.


Children under the age of twelve had to spend evenings away from parents in the nursery wing. Before bedtime Gladys Ormond would come through to read the large group of children a bedtime story.

 Sleeps 3.5

Nan’s Bedroom

The only single room in the house, this quaint room is ideal for a child. The room has a view across the back lawn, and is next to the Night Nursery.


A great spot for children, or a single member of your visiting group. The room was the resting place of nannies from the early 1900s until the 1990s.

  Sleeps 1

Main Passage

Hannah’s Bedroom

A lovely room with super king bed, modern ensuite bathroom and large window seat.


The preferred room of Hannah Ormond, who currently lives in Australia with her family. We can bring a cot into the room if you wish.


Please call Jen today on 06-855-4701, or message us, to book your stay in Hannah’s Room.

 Sleeps 2

Rarotongan Wing

Johno’s Bedroom

A light sunny with super king bed.


The room was the choice of author Johno Ormond, who lives in Hawkes Bay. From the 1950’s – 90’s the Ormond’s helped Rarotongans  emigrate to New Zealand. The Rarotongan Wing was where they lived, while they worked on Wallingford.

 Sleeps 2

Spare Bedroom

A modest bedroom with queen bed and wardrobe. The room is a good choice if you wish to take over the entire Rarotongan Wing with your group or family.


The last family of immigrated Cook Islanders left Wallingford in the 1990’s. The forty years in which Pacific Islanders immigrated to Wallingford were incredibly rich for Ormonds and the newcomers. Former staff continue to visit the house, and it’s always a warm and happy reunion.

 Sleeps 2

Charlie’s Bedroom

A modest yet very comfortable bedroom with queen bed and wardrobe. The room has a view of the front lawn.


Charlie’s room is that preferred by Skipper Charles Ormond, who currently spends his time in the Mediterranean and the Bahamas.



Give us a phone call or email, to organize your stay at Wallingford.

 Sleeps 2

Raro Sitting Room

A large bedroom with queen bed,  small dining table and chairs, and television.


The room has a line of window bench seats overlooking the kitchen courtyard, onto which the room opens.

 Sleeps 2