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Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum)

Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum)


Tuber melanosporum is a chocolate/dark black-purple coloured truffle, with cream/pink veins creating a marble type effect. Truffles have a short season and shelf life. Ideally they best used within a 3-4 day period, shaved finely over a warm dish (although they are great in ice cream) with a high fat content - think creamy risotto’s & fresh gnocchi.

They are harvested every Wednesday morning, cleaned, graded by hand and posted straight way to ensure the highest standard.

Truffles are a perishable good, so please ensure that someone is there to receive and sign for them (sorry - no rural deliveries at this stage).

Truffles are priced at $2 - $3/gram - Minimum order is 30-40grams.

Once we have your details, we will be contact to confirm weight and price. Gram price will vary on the grading availability of the truffle.

A grade – Premium Truffle

These are what you see in most photos as being the “Iconic” Truffle. Small, round and regular in shape (of about 30 - 40g) with no damage to the outer skin (perineum). It will have a pungent aroma with the characteristic of colour and taste expected from the truffle.

These are typically what chef’s want for consistency in presentation and “fan-fare”.

B Grade

The same as A grade truffle, - with regards to the flavour, aroma and colour. There may be slight damage from predators, as well as shape imperfections. They can be whole, broken or large off-cuts and trimmed lobes.

They are great to use, a little more affordable, but, maybe will not present as well as a A grade.

C Grade – Slices, Bits of or very small Truffle

C grade can comprise of slices, smaller bits that have either been either broken off or cut from a larger ripe truffle. It also includes whole truffles less than 15grams. Still containing a pungent truffle aroma, but, can be slightly less in intensity compared to A and B grade.

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We go out every Wednesday morning to collect the truffles - They are then shipped that afternoon by New Zealand post
(depending on where you are located). Please assure that someone is at the dedicated address to receive and sign for.