Jeanette & Chris (Internationally recognised and multi-award winning restaurateurs) bring their experiences, passion and welcoming spirit to Wallingford.


“He kai kei aku ringa”

There is food at the end of my hands

For all you journeyers who want to retreat from noise, distraction and the chronic busyness of your everyday, mosey down the twisting, turning Porangahau road that is our doorstep and enter into a world that nurtures with slow food, birdsong, the silent moon, ancient stars, human moments and bespoke hospitality. Join Chris and Jeanette in the wonderland that is Wallingford to rediscover the deep magic that life has to offer.



built by Hon. J D Ormond in 1858


About chris & Jeanette - Foodies who value creativity, innovation and authenticity, they are adventurers who believe that life is exhilarating, expansive and fun. Restaurateurs by profession, Chris and Jeanette made a name for themselves in Sydney winning a sleuth of awards while at the helm of their restaurant ‘Little Jean.’ Born in Eketahuna, Chris has come home to this place of mighty sunsets, neighbourly love and abundant produce bringing with him his much loved modern, fresh & seasonal take on food.